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Sardenya is a Filler that is not derived from animals, which means it’s safe for our skin. It’s made up of 100% of stabilized cross-linked making the filler highly hydrating. Sardenya also has an impressive visco-elasticity and flow. This is a huge advantage since you won’t have to worry if your filler got deformed. One of the flagship benefits of using this filler is that it has a natural-looking effect due to its improved flow. If that’s not enough benefit, it can also last for a long time. Which means you can save more money. It is highly recommended for those who have moderate to deep lines and folds since it can provide a good amount of volume.

Good for 


Stubborn folds

Forehead lines

Nasolabial folds

Pronounced wrinkles 

Smile lines

Fine lines


Lasts  up to 12-18 months


To be used by professionals only. We are not responsible for any complications that may arise when administering the product incorrectly.