Adhesive Superdry 6.5ml

Adhesive Superdry 6.5ml

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This product superdries any lash adhesive (no matter the humidity/original curing time) to cure instantly (0.5-1 sec depending on the amount of adhesive used).

How to use? 


Summers are usually hot & humid so all adhesives cure faster than in the winter. Sometimes adhesive still remains sticky after you’ve placed the lash though.  This is where Superdry comes in handy  - use it on the natural lashes exactly as shown in the video. It will gently strip excess sebum (oil) from natural lashes without drying them out like traditional primers/pre-treatment serums do. By gently opening lash cuticles Superdry boosts adhesive curing just enough to prevent it from staying sticky. Yet, the adhesive will not cure any faster before it is already placed on the natural lash.


Winters are usually colder and drier so adhesives cure slower. Use Superdry to make any lash adhesive (no matter the original curing time) cure in less than 5sec. Use Superdry while lashes are still on the glue strip and if necessary like shown in the video.