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Easy fanning Volume 0.05

Easy fanning Volume 0.05

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You can't go wrong with lashes by Bellah easy fanning lashes. The lashes are matte black to give a more natural appearance. These mink lashes have a curl that will last, they are soft, and will not separate at the base. The lashes are ideal for volume technique. They are particularly easy to fan out, make volume fans in just a few seconds. These lashes are suitable for beginners and experienced lash technicians. Quality guaranteed. 

We currently only carry them in mix trays. 

16 rows ranging from 8mm -18mm

Rows, 8-14, 1-8mm, 2-9mm, 2-10mm, 3-11mm, 3-12mm, 3-13mm, 2-14mm

Rows 10-15, 2-10mm, 2-11mm, 3-12mm, 3-13mm, 3-14mm, 3-15mm

Rows 11-16, 2-11mm, 2-12mm, 3-13mm, 3-14mm, 3-15mm, 3-15mm

Rows 15-18, 4-15mm, 4-16mm, 4-17mm, 4-18mm

C,CC,D, DD curls. 

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